Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Favorite hotel in Nosara

We love Jaco Costa Rica. It's a great base to explore the Central Pacific. If you want to check out Nicoya, we recommend Playa Guiones, aka Nosara. Click here for our favorite Nosara hotel, Kayasol. It is not as high end as DoceLunas, but its really close to the break and the top room class is fairly nice. Like DoceLunas, they have aspired to preserve the canopy, and while the hotel has much smaller grounds, they have put native plantings throughout and animals do come to visit.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jaco Hotels - Halloween Concert

Halloween is a great time to visit Jaco Costa Rica and its a good time to get deals on Jaco hotels. If you are coming this Halloween, you won't find a discount at DoceLunas, but you will find a pair of free tickets to our annual Halloween Costume Party Dance Concert featuring live music from Midnite Spaghetti. They put on a great show that will keep you dancing for hours. If you are interested in booking at DoceLunas for the show, you can got to our reservations page or you can click http://www.docelunas.com/jaco-hotels.html for a list of Jaco hotels.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Abe Pollan Food Rules

http://www.kirstenhubbard.com/ has a nice blog post about Michael Pollan's new book about eating right for your health, for your neighbors, and for your planet. Food Rules is only $5. Check it out. Enjoy a delicious meal while making yourself healthier and saving the planet.

Hermosa Tulin Refuge has a new Administrator

Your intrepid Jaco hotel blogger loaded his surf kayak onto his bicycle trailer and hauled out to the south end of Hermosa beach where you will find the Tulin Refuge. The road gets sandy at the end. Its fine in a car, but a bike with a heavy trailer is a trick. You gots to gear down and spin.

But I digress. When I arrived at the Tulin Turtle Refuge, I discovered our local sea turtle hot spot has a new Jefe. If you are in the area, please join me in welcoming Don Belfort Cubillo, the new administrator of Refugio Tulin-Punta Mala. Don Belfort is clearly going to run a tight ship and has already made some much needed improvements to the volunteer facilities at the refuge.

Don Belfort has made arrangements with Central Pacific Chamber of Commerce so that they can receive any donations people want to make to refuge. The volunteer accomodations out there are pretty rough. With nicer facilities, we would get more volunteers here over time, and those adorable and helpless little turltes need all the help they can get.

More information will be coming soon, so please stay tuned to the Jaco hotel blog.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Jaco Hotel Weather

Our favorite Jaco hotel posted some more new pages a couple days ago but there were some errors with the links. Perhaps the most useful new page is and Jaco Costa Rica weather and climate, with temperature, rainfall, and links to current local weather forecast for Jaco Costa Rica.

Here is some more info on the new Jaco hotel blog page. The new posts cover our efforts to preserve the jungle canopy while protecting our roof tops, the virtues of coconut water, and how you can get a free vacation to Costa Rica by getting your root canal done in Jaco.

We have also added new pages on Jaco hotel reviews and Jaco nightlife.We hope you enjoy the new information. Please go the site and email us or leave a comment here and tell us what you would like to hear more about. Tours, activities and attractions near our Jaco hotel? Restaurants? More specific information on nightlife? Culture? Basic Spanish lessons for your visit to Jaco Costa Rica? Let us know what we can do to help you, and our Jaco staff will do our best to get a a head start on making your Costa Rica vacation the best ever!

Jaco hotels list and map

Jaco hotels are easy to find on the interent, with lots of Jaco hotels on tripadvisor and other list of Jaco hotels. But its hard to find a list of links to Jaco hotels and I have not been able find a map of Jaco hotels, so we decided to create our own Jaco hotels list and our own Jaco hotels map.

I dont think any of our competition has posted links to our site or maps showing where all the other hotels in town are. Perhaps it is because they are concerned that if people find out about the finest of Jaco hotels, DoceLunas, they won't be as interested in coming to their hotel. We are not so concerned.

We know you are going to look at all the other hotels anyway, whether they are hard to find or not, so we thought we would make it easy for you. Enjoy a sample our hospitality!

In addition to these two new pages on Jaco hotels, we can also recommend this link to a book on planning a trip to Jaco Costa Rica.

Thanks, and good searching for Jaco hotels. We are confident that in the end you will choose the best Jaco hotel for you.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Playa Jaco Costa Rica

Our Jaco hotel has posted a new page on Playa Jaco Costa Rica. The page is in development. We already have a page on Jaco Costa Rica that covers restaurants, nightlife, surfing and parks in the area as well as general information like Jaco population and travel time to various nearby attractions. The new page will be more focused on Playa Jaco - that is Jaco Beach - the beach itself as opposed to the general area. Its in development but we already have quite a bit of content up. Please check out our new page and let us know what else we can tell you about Playa Jaco Costa Rica.