Friday, February 26, 2010

Jaco Hotel Weather

Our favorite Jaco hotel posted some more new pages a couple days ago but there were some errors with the links. Perhaps the most useful new page is and Jaco Costa Rica weather and climate, with temperature, rainfall, and links to current local weather forecast for Jaco Costa Rica.

Here is some more info on the new Jaco hotel blog page. The new posts cover our efforts to preserve the jungle canopy while protecting our roof tops, the virtues of coconut water, and how you can get a free vacation to Costa Rica by getting your root canal done in Jaco.

We have also added new pages on Jaco hotel reviews and Jaco nightlife.We hope you enjoy the new information. Please go the site and email us or leave a comment here and tell us what you would like to hear more about. Tours, activities and attractions near our Jaco hotel? Restaurants? More specific information on nightlife? Culture? Basic Spanish lessons for your visit to Jaco Costa Rica? Let us know what we can do to help you, and our Jaco staff will do our best to get a a head start on making your Costa Rica vacation the best ever!

Jaco hotels list and map

Jaco hotels are easy to find on the interent, with lots of Jaco hotels on tripadvisor and other list of Jaco hotels. But its hard to find a list of links to Jaco hotels and I have not been able find a map of Jaco hotels, so we decided to create our own Jaco hotels list and our own Jaco hotels map.

I dont think any of our competition has posted links to our site or maps showing where all the other hotels in town are. Perhaps it is because they are concerned that if people find out about the finest of Jaco hotels, DoceLunas, they won't be as interested in coming to their hotel. We are not so concerned.

We know you are going to look at all the other hotels anyway, whether they are hard to find or not, so we thought we would make it easy for you. Enjoy a sample our hospitality!

In addition to these two new pages on Jaco hotels, we can also recommend this link to a book on planning a trip to Jaco Costa Rica.

Thanks, and good searching for Jaco hotels. We are confident that in the end you will choose the best Jaco hotel for you.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Playa Jaco Costa Rica

Our Jaco hotel has posted a new page on Playa Jaco Costa Rica. The page is in development. We already have a page on Jaco Costa Rica that covers restaurants, nightlife, surfing and parks in the area as well as general information like Jaco population and travel time to various nearby attractions. The new page will be more focused on Playa Jaco - that is Jaco Beach - the beach itself as opposed to the general area. Its in development but we already have quite a bit of content up. Please check out our new page and let us know what else we can tell you about Playa Jaco Costa Rica.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Food Science at Jaco Hotel

The team at the Jaco hotel were talking about google searches and why some two word combinations would be searched more frequently in one order than another. We agreed that there would be examples of two word pairs where the two possible orderings of the words implied very different intents by the searcher. But we could not think of an example.

The Jaco hotel blogger feels compelled to warn you, there is rambling ahead.

Just now though I was thinking about the movie informant, and how they didn't dwell on the fact that a big part of the food chain occurs with poorly understood bacteria in a giant vat converting corn mush into isolated lysine and byproducts. I am thankful I live in Costa Rica and eat frequently at my favorite Jaco hotel restaurant, Eclipse at DoceLunas where they do not have products with isolated lysine created by mysterious bacteria.

Anyway, food science - hmm. Well food science should be, and increasingly is, a criticial look at our production and consumption choices and how they influence not only our health and our economy, but our society. As near as I can tell, food science as studied and practiced today is mostly an amazing reductive processing of two or three crops into everything else. Truly amazing feats of science in the name of feeding the world, once called the "green revolution" should, in this bloggers opinion, while they are to be lauded for their intent and rigor, should be examined with a critical eye.

"Science food," to get back to the hypothetical google search, should not be the end result of "food science." Socially, environmentally, economically sustainable healthy food production and consumpton should be the goal of "food science."

Perhaps there is some way to resolve high yield farming with healthy varied diets, localized production and consumption, and small enterprise stewardship of our environmental resources. Should we really trust agribusiness with the future?

But to get back to my favorite hotel in Jaco, we don't have science food. Ninety percent of what we serve comes from within 100 miles of hour hotel in Jaco and much of our produce and meat is produced by small family farms. Our fish come from the bountiful ocean just a mile to the west of the hotel and a lot of our fruit comes from the five acres of jungle gardens and fruit trees on the property.

So you can't get a brightly colored slurpy like you could at a 7-11, but you can get a delicious guanabana smoothy with a secret flower ingredient or my favorite, a papaya banana smoothy. I am getting hungry! Off to my favorite Jaco hotel, DoceLunas.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jaco Hotel coconut water

Augua de pipa, the water inside young coconuts, is one of my favorite treats. At Jaco hotel DoceLunas, young coconuts are harvested on the premises and cut to make our coconut water. I live nearby in another neighborhood near the mountains and the south end of the beach. My apartment is on the route of Orlando the pipero. When he was younger he climbed trees to harvest the coconuts and cut them open. Now he hires kids to climb the trees for him and he rides around on his bicycle with a cooler full of refreshing and delicious agua de pipa.

Young coconut water, or coconut milk, is a truly refreshing drink on a hot day. Augua de pipa, as it is called here, is an isotonic beverage. It has a very similar balance of electrolytes to a healthy human body. Young coconut water is natures gatorade. But unlike gatorade, it is not very glycemic, has less calories than other fruit juices by about half, and is not colored with dyes to resemble nothing found in nature. I will take pipa water any day. Ask for it at our Jaco hotel and we will harvest you some from our jungle gardens.
Check out our new Jaco hotel blog at

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jaco Costa Rica Yoga Retreat

Our Jaco Hotel offers a Costa Rica Yoga Retreat. You can find out more by clicking on the preceding link. Costa Rica Yoga retreats can be customized to fit your interests and schedule. Discounts are available for groups. Our Costa Rica Yoga retreat coordinator can take care of all your tours and activities and help you select from the abundant options near our Jaco hotel.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Jaco hotel onsite blog

The Jaco hotel blog will increasingly will be posting our information on Jaco Costa Rica, our Jaco hotel, and tips for choosing among Jaco Hotels, on our onsite blog which you can see at our Jaco Hotel Blog.

Currently there is a new article about the new highway and another about our tree trimming efforts and the safety procedures and equipment skills our intrepid crew learned before climbing 60 feet into the towering trees and removing limbs above the buildings. We are happy to say all the trees have survived the surgeries and are, as green things do in Costa Rica, thriving.

Pura Vida !
Til next time, thanks for reading.
Jaco Hotel DoceLunas, the finest of Jaco Hotels

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jaco Hotels new pages

The Jaco hotels website has a bunch of new pages. There are several Jaco Costa Rica maps each of which shows the Jaco hotels location and several new activities pages.

For Jaco hotel maps, we have
a map showing surf breaks near jaco hotels
a map showing national parks near jaco hotels
a map showing restaurants near jaco hotels
a map showing the new highway from san jose to jaco hotels

all the maps are fully interactive. you can pan and zoom in and out and click on icons to find out more details about the area.

please enjoy our Jaco hotels maps.