Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jaco Hotel coconut water

Augua de pipa, the water inside young coconuts, is one of my favorite treats. At Jaco hotel DoceLunas, young coconuts are harvested on the premises and cut to make our coconut water. I live nearby in another neighborhood near the mountains and the south end of the beach. My apartment is on the route of Orlando the pipero. When he was younger he climbed trees to harvest the coconuts and cut them open. Now he hires kids to climb the trees for him and he rides around on his bicycle with a cooler full of refreshing and delicious agua de pipa.

Young coconut water, or coconut milk, is a truly refreshing drink on a hot day. Augua de pipa, as it is called here, is an isotonic beverage. It has a very similar balance of electrolytes to a healthy human body. Young coconut water is natures gatorade. But unlike gatorade, it is not very glycemic, has less calories than other fruit juices by about half, and is not colored with dyes to resemble nothing found in nature. I will take pipa water any day. Ask for it at our Jaco hotel and we will harvest you some from our jungle gardens.
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  1. Sounds refreshing and healthy, have never tried it before, thanks for sharing Docelunas

  2. very beautiful hotel.
    every type of facility available here.
    Yoga, Fishing, Surfing, Golf, Spa & much more facilities.
    i like it.

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