Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Costa Rica Jaco Hotels the Tope tradition

Well since our blog on Jaco Costa Rica hotels is the number one search result for Tope Costa Rica, we'd better explain what a Tope is. Tope, I am told, literally means "top". A tope in Costa Rica is pat of the town festival tradition. Every town has an annual festival featuring some rodeo events, running away from bulls, and, in modern times, mechanical fair rides and midway games. The highlight of the festival, hence the "top" or "tope" of Jaco's annual festival is a horse parade called a Tope. Horses are trained to high step in the Spanish tradition with check reins similar to those used with the Lipazaner stallions. Some horses are adorned with beaded headgear, although today in Jaco you are more likely to see participants in this traditional favorite local activity struggling to balance the competing needs of cell phone holstering and beer holding with navigation down the streets past the hotels in Jaco Costa Rica.

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