Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jaco Hotel welcomes gente oro y plata (MT)

Jaco hotel knows a little spanish, so we can tell you "gente" means people. And "oro y plata" means silver and gold. Oro y plata is the motto of one of the most beautiful states in the union, Montana, and we are saying howdy from Jaco Costa Rica to our friends and future guests in Montana. Now maybe I should't put off topic pictures in here, but how else are y'all going to be able to respond when I say "please comment on Jaco hotels photo and let us know where you think this photo was taken. Is it close to our Jaco hotel or any of the other hotels in Jaco?"


  1. at the risk of stating the obvious, if you were going to post a comment about our jaco hotels blog, you would do it by clicking the post a comment button below.

  2. that is mt vaught as seen from somewhere south of the entrance to glacier park on the river. Its not near a Jaco hotel. But it looks nice and warm. Cant wait to come visit from Montana.