Sunday, January 3, 2010

Surf Breaks North of Jaco Hotels

While there are more breaks to the south of Jaco Hotels, there are a few to north as well.

The first is Herradura Island. About 15 minutes north of Jaco you will find Herradura bay. At the south end of the bay between the beach and the island you can find long waves but you need a really big swell out of the south - 6 feet or more of buoy height.

Next to the north is Playa Escondido. You will need to charter a boat from Herradura to get to this reef break in front of a beach that is only accessible by private land. Respect the locals, top surfers who have paid for the privelege of living in front of this remote spot.
Further to the North you will find Coralillos, which some consider a secret spot, so I will leave it at that.

About 40 minutes to the north you will come to Puerto Caldera. Waves break off the jetty on big south swells.

An hour to the north you arrive at Boca Baranca, the mouth of the Baranca river. The water is dirty and there can be crocodiles, but on a big south swell (5 feet minimum buoy height ) this break produces epic lefts - like 100 meters long! Its easiest to swim out on the north side of the river. There is some guarded parking there. Its worth it.

So there you have a quick rundown of the surf breaks near the hotels in Jaco.

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