Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jaco Bay passes water quality standards

Jaco Bay has just passed recreation contact water quality standards. I have been swimming and surfing here for years, and it was never as bad as San Diego or Washington D.C., but now it meets Costa Rica water quality standards that are 90% as stringent as U.S. standards. Two reasons to say "hooray!" in one day. If you don't count Pura Vida, toucans, scarlet macaws, kinkajou, anteaters, coatimundi, terrific surf, awesome mountain biking with spectacular views, great tasty fresh healty food, and the best hotel in Jaco, Jaco hotel DoceLunas, in which case that is - what - lucky thirteen reasons to say "Hooray!" if you are in Jaco or planning to come to Jaco.

For more information on the water quality, please see our onsite blog at


  1. "Hooray" sounds like a great hotel, well done with passing the water quality standards.. that would be advantagous for your hotel..

  2. That was in the dry season when the poluted rivers do not run into the sea. Plus they measured the water in the ocean instead of in the rivers. I will never be back.