Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jaco Hotels Costa Rica - service improvements

Jaco hotel DoceLunas, one of two four star hotels in Jaco, wants to offer the best hotel service possible. DoceLunas has all the normal amenities expected of a four star hotel. DoceLunas is the most affordable of four star Jaco hotels and has five acres of landscaped gardens. The grounds of this Jaco hotel are ringed by towering trees over 50 feet high. Throughout the grounds additional original growth trees have been preserved. So this Jaco hotel offers all the amenities kinkajou and arboreal anteaters are looking for and all the ones humans convetionally expect. But what else can we do for you at DoceLunas to stand out among Jaco Hotels in our commitment to customer service? Is there some aspect of service that could make your stay more special? Please let us know how we can improve your experience. As we say in "Costa Rica, estamos para servirle." Which means, we are here to serve you. Come join us at DoceLunas, the finest of Jaco hotels.

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