Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jaco Hotels 10 oddest guest requests.

Jaco Hotels notices Gadling colllected 10 oddest guests requests. We didnt get these requests at our Jaco hotel, but we believe any client request is by definition reasonable - as long as it is what they truly want. So here is what we would say if you were to ask.

Can you turn down the ocean?

The ocean is already down. Down the road one mile. We can turn down your 600 thread count sheets and fluff up your down pillows.

Can I get a New York cheesecake? From New York?
Yes you can. The easiest way would be to fly there and we can help you with that. Or we can ask our expert provisioner how many days that will take to arrive and what the fee will be and you can decide if you have time and money for New York cheesecake in Jaco. Do not try to take it through airport security in your carry on. Its a gel.

My dog needs her own room.
Well of course she does. Would she like a drivers' room or an owners suite? Will she be wanting biscuits in the minibar? Just sign here for the deposit...

Can I have a bonfire on the terrace?
Yes of course. But we must get you a brazier to have it in first along with an nearby attendant armed with an extinguisher for your safety and we will let you know the fee.

Can you cut holes in my sheets?
Sure, but dont you think it would be more fun to burn holes in them? Our Jaco hotel sheet price depends on whether you want the 600 thread count, the organic chinese silkworm sheets, or the regular sheets.

How much for the bed?
To sleep on for a night, $150 to $195. Our "take-out" Jaco Hotel beds are $1,200. Or we can get you a custom bed from the same woodworker which might be more convenient for everyone, but if you are feeling impetuous, we will find a way to accommodate your urge.

Can I leave the door open?
Yes you can, but the anteaters could come in. Despite being in the jungle there are as many bugs as you would expect because of all the brids, but at night the light will attract bugs so you should probably close the door or turn off the light. We have three guards on the fenced in grounds so you should be safe at night.

Can you draw me a milk bath?
Yes. Do you have a pen and paper, or would you like me to go to the store for milk? Have you tried our springwater? Its very nice for bathing.

Can you cut the feet of my bed?
Yes. Where is your bed? Does it look like one of ours?

Can I bury my dog in your garden?
Your dog would be the only dog buried there, so your dog might be lonely, but this is probably the only one of the many Jaco Hotels that will let you bury your dog here.

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